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Oil Spots on Clothes!

I have found my first post worthy natural solution! Pretty exciting for me and the world. My husband has shirts that look like he showers in oil. The laundry expert that I am, I throw clothes in the washer and dryer and as I hang them up, think, “Wow that shirt looks bad. How do those spots get on there?” Well, a few weeks ago a tragic accident happened in the kitchen. Hubby dropped the olive oil sprayer and it exploded, sending glass and oil everywhere. His brand new t-shirt that I won at the outlet malls was ruined. So unlike my dear hubby, he put soap on it and soaked it for days. Eventually with my usual washing skills, I pulled that beautiful shirt from the dryer and as you can guess, all the oil was now set by the dryer. So much for the pretreat efforts! This shirt had more value than money could buy – I had won it for my husband- serious sentimental value going on here. So I did what we all do, google “get out oil stains”.  I came across using eucalyptus oil and I just happened to have some so which my skeptical attitude, I decided to give it a try. And it totally works! I have tried it on several shirts and I absolutely love it. It is so easy. Put a drop on the spot, rub it, wash it out with hot water and laundry soap, let air dry and it is totally gone. I am really happy about this find! So easy and quick, and successful! Share it with the world and let me know if you have any other amazing tricks that I don’t know about!

2 thoughts on “Oil Spots on Clothes!

  1. I can’t wait to give that a try!

    1. It really is amazing

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